Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Michael Jackson's Skin: You need to SEE the truth.

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Written by B. R.

Everyone has always known about the perception of Michael not wanting to be who he was because of the change in his skin.

But lately it seems to be getting worse.

It's sad that people choose to judge someone so critically, yet never take the time to do REAL research into the situation.

It's sad that people go on the news and make all kinds of claims about a man they barely even knew, BUT USUALLY DIDN'T KNOW AT ALL as if it is the Gospel.

It's pathetic that people watch the news and believe all the claims... as if it is Holy Scripture.

What has been apparent recently is that people seem to want to hold his change in skin color as something to criticize him for by means of accusing him of running away from his black identity.

What is also apparent is that these same individuals seem to think that ALL black people are supposed to have the same stereotypical features... and to not possess those or to seek any change in these features automatically denies one's "blackness."

That being said, it should be known that this man in particular was not ashamed of his identity or where he came from.

He mentioned many times how immensely proud he was of his race and his African roots.

He would frequently take trips to the continent, and received the outpourings of love on the greatest scale.

He noted that he once realized that the origin of rhythm and music came from Africa, and how good it made him feel to be able to identify with that.

He realized his ability to exceed and his ability to entertain so well, and compose and vocalize so well came from who he was.

He even talked of moving to and living there many times.

The "experts" on every detail of his life (who aren't out to make a quick dollar, at all) NOW claim he "had no use for Blacks."

If that was the case, it's odd that he would have friends of all races, not to mention hiring security personnel, nannies, doctors, nurses, assistants and representatives that WERE indeed black... or maybe he didn't know... not to mention his music was constantly influenced by and usually composed and produced by black musicians, artists, and producers.

For someone who "had no use" for people of a particular race, it is so strange that he was surrounded by those people.

It is strange that his music and vocal style were always influenced by and rooted from the sounds of the same "Blacks" he so-called had no use for.

With all that said, the main thing people seem to focus on in the erroneous belief that he was ashamed of or running from his race, is his change in skin color.

Anyone who actually LOOKS into this subject instead of carelessly judging, would know he had no intention in changing the complexion of his skin.

Anyone who does a small bit of RESEARCH or seeks insight would quickly discover the painful display of discoloration on disclosed parts of his body.

Anyone who was ACTUALLY close with this man would easily say they know this to be true.

Even if one had not branched out to do research, it only takes one moment to see a few things.

First, why would a man walk around EVERY day shielded with an umbrella just to perpetrate a lie?

Why would that same man constantly cover the majority of his body, no matter the weather, the environment, or the setting?

Many people have heard of his claim of having vitiligo (along with lupus) yet still never gave it the time of day.

It would seem as though he was ashamed of speaking publicly about it... but who would give any opportunity to be scrutinized to an even greater degree when constantly in the spotlight being examined and judged?

So the time comes to reveal what many seem to have never seen or believed.

There is no fancy or articulate way to show this, it may even be considered disrespectful, but apparently it desperately needs to be seen.

To view pictures larger: right-click > copy image location > paste into address bar and go to the address.

Visible discoloration on both arms.

Discoloration on left arm

Discoloration covered with cosmetics on forehead

Blotches NOT covered with cosmetics on forehead

Visible blotches on neck and wrist

After suffering from a spider bite in 2002, these were submitted as proof for missing a court appearance.

On the set of the Spike Lee-directed "They Don't Care About Us-Brazilian Version"

Blotches on chest and wrist

Discoloration on the face, poorly covered with makeup

---More pictures and lupus information.

In the following videos, Tom Mesereau and Donny Osmond give accounts of seeing this firsthand, having no reason to lie.



--- Dermablend Cosmetics Page
(Examining almost any picture from the "Bad era" one notices the contrast in color between his face and hands... his makeup artist covered the exposed parts of his body, most noticeably his hands, with full body makeup.)

Photo shoot from OK Magazine 1997.
There is visible discoloration on his upper arms, right and left near the sleeve.
Some of it has been covered with makeup on the lower portions.


Last Word of Personal Insight and Perspective:
When regarding this man, it seems amazing that few people really knew or attempted to learn more about this.

He mentioned it publicly first in an interview with Oprah in 1993, and again with Martin Bashir in 2002.

Apparently he didn't like to speak of it much, but to put yourself in his shoes, who would want to discuss something of this nature?

Who would want to constantly be examined and gawked at so that the world could try to uncover your flaws?

He was accused of becoming reclusive in the 80's because instead of taking the time to understand him, too many were so busy trying to bring him down.

In actuality, one can infer that he was dealing with and trying to find a method by which to overcome this practically debilitating disease.

I always marveled at his perseverance. I know, for a fact, that if this had happened to me I would have never been able to record, perform, or tour again.

Think about that.

The most amazing thing was that he was about to do those things he had always done with the same tenacity and force as he had always done.

Take a moment and imagine suffering from something that automatically changes your appearance, something you have NO control over.

That, in itself, is hard enough.

Now imagine the devastation of experiencing this, but being ACCUSED of doing it... for the worst of reasons.

Would you still be "Bad?"

Could you even attempt it?

Only someone truly special and blessed could overcome such a struggle.

If you get the opportunity, as I'm sure in the coming weeks you will, spread the TRUTH for once... seriously.

The knowledge has been shared, pass it on.